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Followers of FOC

or, FOC'in Followers

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What is this?
The journal for the unique, distinguished, innovative, ingenious, extraordinary and very special fan-based forum, Followers of FOC, better known has FOC'in Followers. When you see "FF", you'll know that it means "FOC'in Followers"!

Why the hell are you called Followers of FOC?

What exactly is FF?
A unique, distinguished, innovative, ingenious, extraordinary and very special fan-based forum that specializes in meeting the needs of people like you: the fans! Television, movies, celebrities, we provide it all. Never forget that it's all about the fans! Really! We're here to service you. Ask us a question! We'll tell you everything, since the emphasis is on... the fans!

How big is FF?
Very big.

How many forums do you have?
A lot.

How come you keep telling us to buy stuff?
Running a site like FF takes up a lot of bandwidth. The money has to come from somewhere.

Well, just exactly how much do you need a month?
That's privileged information.

But if we had a ballpark figure, wouldn't it give us an idea of where we are and how to help?

So how come there isn't a forum for _____?
Don't worry, whatever it is, I'm sure that we're taking it into consideration.

Can I contact you?
Of course! Our lines of communication is always open. We pride ourselves on maintaining a close relationship with our members. Our staff are all intelligent, dedicated and caring individuals who will gladly assist you in any matter.

What's the staff like?
Well, there's the administrators--that's us--we do everything around here. We do the graphics, the coding, generating money. We do everything. FF is all about cooperation between the staff members. Then we have Super Seniors, and then, on every board, we have one or more moderators.

Can I become a moderator?
The process of becoming a moderator is a tough and challenging task. However, once selected, it is a very prestigious status with very, very, very important responsibilities. Furthermore, you'll need to take our rigorous moderator test. 75% of all current moderators have received a 6 or better on the test!

Are there any rules I should know before posting at FF?

This is a fan-based community. We trust you to be able to make your own decisions regarding proper netiquette. We don't believe in restrictions! We firmly believe in free discussion and speaking your mind. We respect what you have to say and we were never dream of censoring you. Of course, we do have a few guidelines.

Personal attacks on other posters, spamming, or solicitation are prohibited. You may not bash any actors, real life people, administrators, selected members of the Super Seniors, certain television shows that we like, certain characters that we like and anything else that we like. If you fail to comply, YOU MAY BE BANNED FROM FF!!! Our filters have also been set to star out potentiall offensive words, such as "ass". In addition, to protect our interests, we request that you refrain from mentioning other sites on the web, including but not limited to: ezboards, Fanbolt, YahooGroups, iVillage, AOL, Geocities, bravenet, ICQ, VoyForums, MSNGroups, Proboards, AmazingForums, Boards2Go, BoardHost, GuestForum, HostBoard, TagBoard. They have also been included in our filters. Mentioning of any other forum, group or board will get your post edited, and YOU MAY BE BANNED FROM FF!!! Political and social-interest discussions are prohibited. You may not be ungrateful to us and you may not get on our bad sides, or YOU MAY BE BANNED FROM FF!!!

So, that's all! Come join in on the fun!
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