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Saturday, September 6, 2003


Some of you may have noticed some of the unrest that's been stirred up amongst FF staff these past few weeks. I just want the opportunity to clear a few things up.

First, FF is stronger than it has ever been. I want to reassure each and every single one of you to that fact. We all love each other very much and there's no such thing as an internal power struggle because two grown men who have nothing better to do with their time than argue about an online entertainment forum that no self-respecting human being would ever admit to loving.

Second, rumors of a second FF is just absolutely ridiculous. This is simply not true. There are currently no plans for the fifty year old, power-happy Republican administrators to split from the site to form their own message boards covering Every. Single. Topic known to man. Everything is still under MY control.

Thirdly, I want everyone to stop making fun of me. It's just not nice and it hurts my feelings when you talk about my hamsters like that.

Friday, June 13, 2003


Some times, I am so stunned and touched by the passion and fine articulation of our posters, I almost break down and cry. It just really says to me what a special group of people we've gathered here. I can say, for a fact, that even if I've never spoken to you, I love each and every single one of you. I feel so close to you guys, and I love you like I love my family (well, except for Uncle Bud who tends to get very drunk at weddings and then try to fuck the dog). I've been going through some tough times lately, what with my cat getting testicular cancer, my father's sex change operation and my brother Joey's hairy back problems. But every time I come onto FF, everything seems better. This week, I'm going to single out our posters at the Dark Angel board. Although that Emmy-worthy show is gone, the fans still linger and partake in important debates crucial to the existence of their lives, not to mention our board.

There are multiple posts here that I wish to highlight. They're all just incredible, that I was unable to pick a single one.

citrustears: It makes me so mad that Dark Angel didn't use the same barcode. there 2 in the opening titles and they are different than the others that you mentioned!!!!!

chimaeraeyes: Yeah that makes me soooooo mad i want to get a barcode tattoo and i want it to be Max's barcode and i don't know which 1 is which since i cant read barcodes!!!!!!!!!

daja4ever: ya know that makes me soo mad tooo because its like they dont care what the fans or anybody else thinks. maybe they cancelled Dark Angel because of the barcodes

daja4ever: but it wasn’t a good time it wasn’t a good thing to cancel DA
daja4ever: nevermind I heard some where that all good things must come to an end so DA must’ve been really really good for it to end right?

hiddensoul: no no no no no no no no no no no

daja4ever: no no no no no no no no no no no what? U don’t think DA was good

hiddensoul: DA wasn’t supposed to end!! And DA was good and yes u did answer your own question.

daja4ever: was too . thanks

hiddensoul: was not was not. U welcome

daja4ever: was too was too was too

hiddensoul: was not was not was not was not

daja4ever: was too was too was too was too was too

hiddensoul: was not was not was not was not was not was not was not was not

daja4ever: was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too

hiddensoul: was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too was too

daja4ever: cool u said it was too so that’s that

hiddensoul: dammit I thought I could trick u



Wednesday, June 4, 2003


Congratulations, everyone! We have successfully completed our sixteenth server move! I promise, this will be the final, final, final, absolute last time we move. I know I said that about the past fifteen moves, but this one's for real. I have absolute faith in our current service provider. I spoke to the service company president, Mr. Shady, and he seems like a real swell guy. It was a little hard to hear him because of all the racket in the background. He said he was in his office, but it sounded like the New York subway. His office must have real poor soundproofing.

Also, it has come to my attention that some of you have been trash talking FF. We have intercepted some e-mails thanks to our team of skilled technicians, and I'm very disturbed by the degree of ungrateful rantings there are against us. The phrase "biting the hand that feeds you" comes to mind. Do not forget the countless hours of energy, money and devotion we put into this site. YOU OWE IT ALL TO US. I'm not asking for a trophy or anything, even though the work I've completed certainly qualifies me for one, but you could at least have the basic human decency not to bitch about our network to your friends. Please, we pride ourselves on strong communication and community. Please remember that when you do not agree with our opinions, you may be BANNED FROM FF!!!

Oh, and, calling your mom and telling her that the administrators are privacy-invading control freaks? NOT. WISE. You know who you are. We've bugged your apartment and taped all your outgoing/incoming phone calls. Please see to it that you do not reference FF in a negative way again. Especially to our staff members. I would ask you to please revise your reference manual. In Chapter 9, Section 61-B, Line 314, it specifically states that by agreeing to join the elite, carefully chosen FF staff, you have agreed to relinquish all rights to freedom of speech on the internet, telephone and everyday conversation, when it comes to referring to FF as anything less than the perfect utopia that we are.

I've extremely disappointed in all of you who have not been appreciating FF and our hard work. It's really disheartening to see ourselves mocked in this manner after everything we've done for you. Events like this make me think of quitting the net all together. I would really hate to do so, since you're all like family to me, even the ones whose names I don't know. And, as you know, without me and FF, there are no other places on the internet for fans to convene.

Please think of that the next time you decide to reference FF in any way, shape or form.



*edited to say: it looks like the servers are down again. I tried calling Mr. Shady, but it said that his phone number was disconnected. AT&T must be screwing up again. It looks like we might have to try for a seventeenth server move--which, I absolutely promise, will be the last move!

Tuesday, June 3, 2003


It's time once again to recognize an exemplary poster! This one is a true gem, who really embodies what the spirit of FF is all about.

Today's wonderful poster is taubman - djalways who, in response to a media article which stated its approval that Pacey and Joey had ended up together, responded with:


cheers to dawson and joey!!!

ending is up to you to think what way it really ended!
to me it looked open

i was happy with the ending and i'm a true d/jer cause i know it was dawson and joey in the end!

doesn't matter if we didn't get the last scene or ending together, we got the future which lies with dawson and joey something thats forever!

and i still reckon we got a better ending than pacey and joey, not much talking between pacey and joey in their last scene, lots between dawson and joey. u figure it out!

yeah the media has been on both sides before. their just stating what happened. imaging if ended with dawson and joey man it would be all over the place

taubmas80 - djalways - Aussie DJer

Bravo and well done taubman - djalways! You stood up for what you believed in and stated your opinion in such a eloquent and rational matter. Plus, if we at FF are anything we're Dawson/Joey shippers!

Let's all have a hand for taubman - djalways, shall we?

The Little Match Girl

Sunday, June 1, 2003


Even though FF is populated with an overabundance of intelligent people, we feel the need to specifically single out the really outstanding posters.

Our first exemplary poster today is MaxxLuvsLiz66, who wrote,

omg did u her they r canceling roswell on scifi that is such bull. i bet that evil bitch katharine heigel had somethin to do with it because every1 knows that she is evil and want roswell to die.
next thing u know they will pick up smallivlle which every1 knows is a complette ripoff of roswell.
i am goin to write a lot of letters!!!!! u shud too!!!! lets get roswell back!!!!!!! roswell 4va!!!!!!!!!!

dreamer 4va. peaz.

Well said MaxxLuvsLiz66, well said. Let's all give a hand to MaxxLuvsLiz66 for her unwavering perseverance and devotion.

Also, note to staff members: please do not contradict my opinions anymore. If I say that Max is hotter than Michael, you're just going to have to accept it. Let's not forget that I made you what you are. Because I graciously took pity on you and made your life interesting by making you a staff member, you should be eternally grateful to me and not contradict anything I say at all. The next person to disagree with me will be fired. Then your life will lose all meaning. So that warning's out there. I think I'm being more than fair in this matter. You don't have to thank me. Just make sure that it doesn't happen again, or YOU MAY BE BANNED FROM FF!!!

Thank you. That is all.